Web & CMS Development

Innovation Squad Inc doesn’t merely offer custom web application development services. We also take additional steps to ensure your product succeeds. For instance, we assist in strategizing your marketing plan, helping your app attract initial users in a crowded marketplace.

These are just some of the reasons to partner with our team of expert custom web app developers. Talk with us about your idea to create a web app, and you’ll see why we’re often ranked as one of the top web app development companies

The Features of a Top Web App Development Company

Again, the custom web app developers building your app needs to possess certain key traits. Along with technical knowledge, these also include:


Web apps are useful because they’re immediately accessible via the Internet. As such, users don’t have to download them from app marketplaces. Thus, they also don’t take up space on a user’s device.

That doesn’t mean the convenience they offer makes up for poor performance. At Innovation Squad Inc, we emphasize progressive web app development. This means the app is designed to work reliably and consistently, even in poor network conditions

Quality UX and UI

Every step of the way, our custom web app developers consider how your product can offer greater value to users. This mindset is essential when designing the user experience. Using an app should be intuitive, but it should also be helpful in some capacity. An easy-to-navigate app won’t succeed if it doesn’t serve a practical purpose. We remember this throughout the mobile web app development process.

We also understand the importance of clean but brand-appropriate visuals. Our enterprise web application interfaces are designed to embody each client’s brand without overwhelming users with too much visual information.